Tanned Body Beautiful: How Long Does A Spray On Tan Last?

Want that tanned look but not being sure how long does a spray tan last is holding you back?

Are you a red head or fair skinned blonde who doesn’t tan well and
curious what it can do for you?

Do you crave a deep tropical tan for a wedding, reunion or other special occasion but don’t wish to expose your skin to the blistering sun to get it?

Good news. You can achieve a nice beachy, bronzy glow by being airbrush sprayed with a solution that will give you an almost magically darkened skin tone.

What’s more it will leave you feeling confident and sexy like a sun
goddess. Whether you do this at home or step into an automated booth or have a tanning technician spray you up and down with a fine coat the results can be just short of amazing.

But just like the carriage in Cinderella, your look will fade away. So
again, how long does a spray tan last exactly?

The short direct answer is a spray on tan usually lasts 4-5 days.

And no, the color doesn’t wash off in the shower as most might think.

Believe it or not, the spray tan only affects the outermost layer of your skin. And our skin is constantly sloughing off dead skin cells. That’s the real reason why the answer to how long does a spray tan last is not real long. So that before you know if you’re back to your pasty, less vibrant self.

Five Spray on Tan Extending Tips

But that’s doesn’t mean you have to settle for a short lived spray on tan. You actually can do a few things to actually extend the life of your tan. In fact it’s possible to extend that healthy glowing air brush tan for as long as 10 days if you follow these simple tips.

Tan Extender Tip #1: Fact is the drier your skin, the faster it sheds dead cells. And as the dead skin cells are shed you tan is shed too. So you want to first be sure to moisturize and carefully exfoliate your skin starting at least a week before the “spraying of the tan”. This helps get rid of the dead skin cells so your skin can better absorb the tan once you spray it on. You especially want to focus on areas that tend to be naturally drier anyway such as your knees and elbows. And once the skin sheds, you lose the tan.

Tan Extender Tip #2: After the spray tanning session whether at home or at a salon continue to moisturize your skin. Again, you don’t want your skin to dry out. Otherwise, it will slough off cells that much faster. Also as much as possible, avoid exfoliating your skin at this time so the tan won’t be lost before it’s time.

Tan Extender Tip #3: After spraying on your tan be sure to wait for at least six to eight hours before stepping into the shower. There’s a reason for this. You see, your skin doesn’t generally absorb spray on tans instantly. So you’d want to give the tan time to absort and deepen.

Tan Extender Tip #4: Also, you’ll find if you let the tan dry for maybe 20 minutes or so before dressing it will last a bit longer. It can also help if you initialy wear a loose fitting outfit like sweats rather than tight jeans.

Tan Extender Tip #5: Once you’re sporting a gorgeous tan resist the urge to go swimming. A dip in most any swimming pool will expose your tan to chlorine. And the chlorine in the water may well react with the chemicals in the spray on tan causing it to change color. Now you don’t want to walk around with a funky looking skin tone, now do you?

Anyway those craving the tropical look without abusing their skin find a spray on tan just may do the trick. Sadly it won’t last nearly as long as the real thing. But it can still leave you glowing in a way that’s hard to tell from the real thing. The glow is safer and easier on your skin too. So while the answer to how long does a spray tan last might be not long enough, it could be long enough for you.

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